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Our Services

Our space is the perfect blank canvas for your creative project. We can host a range of productions including film sets and short films, as well as rehearsals and workshops.

From radio, to tv adverts, character voice overs, corporate videos and so on, we've got the means to do it al.l.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT: We can organise grip, rigging and assist with set build 


The studio is a large, versatile space with an abundance of natural light ideal for filming, with the option to provide blackout if needed. The building has free parking, so it's easy for clients to get in and out quickly. This location is perfect for shoots, or any type of production where you need a single large room available over a longer period of time.


The studio provides ideal space and useful facilities for performances and rehearsals fit for drama, film or other  theatre projects. The high ceilings and large windows are just part of the many features that set the stage and facilitate the production. 


The studio has powerful sound space with exceptional acoustics. The space is big enough for an entire orchestra and facilities are suitable to rehearse, record, mix and produce music. The studio provides a warm relaxed environment for musicians of all levels including pianists and ensembles.


The studio has been renovated to promote the advancement of the arts. It was designed with creatives in mind as a mealleable and independent workspace to be effective for a variety of projects, including photography, no matter the style of shoot.   

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